Antique Typewriters Portland
Portland Typewriter Repair

Type Space was created so typewriter enthusiasts, collectors, writers, artists, students, and anyone with even a bit of curiosity can have a place to experience vintage typewriters in person.

We want to get typewriters into the hands of people who will enjoy them. We offer entry-level, affordable typewriters, as well as sought-after, rare machines for the avid collector.

Our collection of typewriters consists of unrestored, original rarities and fully functioning typers, ranging in dates from the 1880s to the 1970s.

Come in and browse our other collections too: original typewriter tins, spools, typing awards, and vintage advertising, manuals, books, and other ephemera. We also carry metal typewriter stands with drop leaves, antique wooden typewriter tables, and wooden typewriter packing crates. We offer fine writing paper, dip pens, and inks to round out the experience.

Type Space is also a real space: we have created a warm and inviting shop with a large community table. We can host type-ins, workshops, and private events.